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A Day in Bath

23 Sep

I wish I could could have taken you all with me today…  If my family were with me I don’t think I would have left Bath…seriously.  It was beautiful, historic, charming, and fun all wrapped up in one.

There really are no words:

The Bath Abbey

A panoramic view

And then came the Roman Baths…  This was such a treat for me since we are studying Rome right now in school.  I took so many pictures for Noah and Grace.  When I get home I’m going to put together a book full of my pictures from the baths and the Tower (and such) to keep with our curriculum.  So much better than seeing a sketch in a book!

The Roman Baths

The water is just gorgeous, isn’t it?  🙂


After touring the baths we were ready for tea (w/ Mr. Darcy) at the Jane Austen Centre.  (Much to my aunt’s disappointment, the real Mr. Darcy {or even Colin Firth} didn’t show up.)  The food was wonderful and we got a needed respite from the rain.

The Jane Austen Centre

We finished the day wandering the streets of Bath trying to take everything in before our train carried us away…

The Royal Crescent

Regent Park

This really could be the never-ending picture post.  Can I say again that I love Bath?  Because I do.

I told my husband on skype that we really needed to move there.  I even found his happy place:

🙂 See you tomorrow, friends.