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The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage

22 Oct

“The power of one changes everything.”

Michael and Amy Smalley are a husband and wife team who work with Gary Smalley, Michael’s father, to help couples enrich and restore their marriages.  The Smalley family offers live events and a private Marriage Restoration Intensive. They have a very helpful website full of articles and information for marriages that are in trouble or couples who just want to go deeper with their relationship.

Michael and Amy have come together to write the book The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage.

I like this book and would recommend it to couples for a couple of reasons:

1.  At 139 pages (plus a study guide in the back) it’s easily read in a day or two.  And since their are two people contributing it almost has a conversational feel.  I liked having the point of view of both husband and wife.  The back and forth of their conversation and stories flowed well throughout the book and didn’t make for a choppy read.  I appreciated the couples honesty and authenticity in sharing of their own relationship and struggles.

2.  I think my favorite quote from this book is, “We can’t control what happens to us but we can control how we respond.” The authors focus on what “you” can do in your marriage instead of blaming someone else (i.e. your spouse) for your unhappiness.  They do a great job of guiding someone through forgiveness and disappointment in marriage and showing you how to respond in love (even in a hurtful situation) and work towards reconciliation.

Michael and Amy Smalley have written a wonderful resource for marriages that are in trouble or for couples who want to take a preventive measure and go through the study that’s in the back of the book together.  This book is definitely worth a read, and I’ve already recommended  it to  friends who are struggling.

This book was provided free by Tyndale House Publishers.  I am not required to like or dislike any book.  This review is entirely my opinion.


Hands-On Bible Giveaway

23 Jul

When I saw that Tyndale Publishing was putting out a newer edition of the Hands-On Bible, I was excited.  It has been time for us to get my daughter her own “real” bible.  My son owns the previous version and has read and re-read that bible until the spine completely broke apart.  He has outgrown (in his opinion) the Hands-On Bible but my girl, who is seven and going into second grade, is just the right age.  She has been looking forward to having her very own copy and my son was more than happy to show her his favorite parts and stories.

This book did not disappoint.  It’s filled with extras that make your children want to dig deeper into the stories of the bible.  My prayer is that my children will desire to know more than just the “basics” and I think that the Hands-On Bible is great tool for that.

My kids love:

  • the experiments (crafts or projects that relate to the bible story you are reading)
  • full color pages of “extras”
  • the “Did you know?” questions in the back that pertain to anything from “Who wrote the bible?” to “Does Jesus really want us to poke our eye out if we sin?”

I love:

  • the Jesus connection – At the beginning of every chapter there is a Jesus Connection.  It takes all of the books in the bible and pulls them together for kids (and parents) to discover who the bible points to.
  • the experiments – I guess I’m a hands-on learner too because I had as much fun as the kids making the “extras”.
  • the readability – Normally, I like a word-for word as opposed to a thought-for thought translation, but my children are actually understanding a little more with this translation and I keep my word-for-word translation close by for reference.

I would recommend this bible to anyone for personal use with your children or for children’s ministry workers who are looking for a fun reference to have in their classroom.

Tyndale Publishing has graciously provided me with a gift certificate good for one free Hands-On Bible to give away.

To enter, simply leave a comment in the section below telling me your favorite bible translation, along with your email address by Wednesday, July 28th.  I’ll choose a winner using a random number generator.

Thanks for stopping by!

*I was provided a free copy of the Hands-On Bible for review.  I do not get paid by Tyndale Publishing for liking (or disliking) any product.  All opinions are my own, I just enjoy reading books.

Bible Jumbles: A book review

12 May

This book was provided to me FREE from the Tyndale Blog Network.  I have not been compensated for my review.  I just enjoy reading and giving my opinion.

I requested Bible Jumbles for Kids when it came up for review because we are always looking for something fun to add to school.  And my son was looking over my shoulder and said, “Mom, please pick that one!”.

We’ve used the book for about two weeks now and it has enhanced our bible time.  My son, who is ten, looks forward to doing the puzzles and I love that it makes him dig a little deeper into the passage.  He ends up being more careful in his reading, picking through the passage as opposed to rushing to be finished.

This book would be a great addition to a home library or Sunday School class.  The pages are easily copied for handouts and there are fun puzzles to work on as a group.  One of my son’s favorite things about the book is working on a puzzle or word find together.  And that makes all the difference to me, spending time with my almost pre-teen and studying the Word together.