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26 May

I’m joining Gretchen (whose Gladitude post spoke to me):

  • School is almost out…counting today, we have two days left.  I love the end of school because I love the beginning of school.  I love the anticipation and planning for the next year…and summertime is FUN.
  • I feel better.  My health overhaul is working and I’m starting to see and feel the results.  I’m thankful that my family has not rebelled at the food I’ve been serving them…My husband has even joined me this week.
  • I drove somewhere new yesterday.  That’s always a big deal for me.
  • I cut my own bangs and they’re not too bad.  It’s almost time for a trim but I’m leery of trying again.  I think it may have been a “first time’s a charm” kind of thing.
  • Our sweet friends had a baby boy last week.   I love babies and I can’t wait to meet him.
  • The internet has been spotty around here.  Apparently, our internet company is having statewide issues, so I’m glad it’s working today.
  • After having a day like Alexander on Monday, I’m grateful for new mercies and that the Lord forgives when I whine and complain…which happens more often then I want to admit.
  • I have my very own Jillian Michaels (except a lot nicer and not nearly as yell-y).  Plus, she’s family and I love her.
  • This Friday we are having a Greek feast to finish out our school year and the kids have made their own Olympic events.  I really hope they don’t ask me to run a marathon…

Thanks for stopping by, friends.