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You Are What You Eat

25 Sep

My husband’s first question to me is usually, “So what did you eat?”  And he always has been known to take pictures of a meal that he particularly likes.  So… Here they are Chris:

Gnocchi stuffed w/sun dried tomatoes

Beef filet-melt in your mouth tender

Fish and Chips

Afternoon Tea

Crumpets and clotted cream

Papadum w/ 4 dipping sauces

Lamb kebab

Chicken Tikka Masala

Pizza Roma

cheese and onion Cornish Pasty

Our English Breakfast

Can we stop for a moment and sing the Hallelujah Chorus here? This. was. amazing.

Crepe-banana, strawberry, and Nutella

How they are made

Roast beef and potatoes, mash and peas, yorkshire pudding w/gravy

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed eating the dishes.  🙂

We come home tomorrow.  So my next post will be from my house, at my kitchen table.

See you soon, friends.

Day 5

24 Sep

Today was the changing of the guard ceremony (which was canceled due to rain), Westminster Abbey, and shopping at Harrods.  It doesn’t sound like too much but we were wiped by the end of today.  Maybe everything is finally catching up with us.

But, we will power through…

Here are a few pictures from today:

Westminster Abbey

Overlooking the courtyard at Westminster

in the nave

You are not allowed to take pictures in the actual abbey.  But you can trust me when I say it was absolutely magnificent and breathtaking.  We saw the tombs of Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Bloody Mary, Edward the Confesser (the 1st), and Edward the 3rd (Longshanks, who was the bad guy in Braveheart), not to mention Isaac Newton, Robert Browning, Chaucer, and so many others.  The history in that building is just unbelievable.

Tomorrow is our last full day in London.  Now that I’ve figured out the tube I have to leave and go home. 🙂 We will head out in the morning for Notting Hill (Portobello Market) and then make our way to Hyde Park.

Here’s our hotel:

The Lobby

Just so you know, I’ve taken pictures of all of the things I’ve eaten this week so that everyone can share in the culinary delight.  Really it’s for my husband who could care less about my pictures of historic buildings and ramblings about the crown jewels. He wants to know what’s on the menu.

Tomorrow, babe, is just for you.  Miss you.

Love from across the pond,


A Day in Bath

23 Sep

I wish I could could have taken you all with me today…  If my family were with me I don’t think I would have left Bath…seriously.  It was beautiful, historic, charming, and fun all wrapped up in one.

There really are no words:

The Bath Abbey

A panoramic view

And then came the Roman Baths…  This was such a treat for me since we are studying Rome right now in school.  I took so many pictures for Noah and Grace.  When I get home I’m going to put together a book full of my pictures from the baths and the Tower (and such) to keep with our curriculum.  So much better than seeing a sketch in a book!

The Roman Baths

The water is just gorgeous, isn’t it?  🙂


After touring the baths we were ready for tea (w/ Mr. Darcy) at the Jane Austen Centre.  (Much to my aunt’s disappointment, the real Mr. Darcy {or even Colin Firth} didn’t show up.)  The food was wonderful and we got a needed respite from the rain.

The Jane Austen Centre

We finished the day wandering the streets of Bath trying to take everything in before our train carried us away…

The Royal Crescent

Regent Park

This really could be the never-ending picture post.  Can I say again that I love Bath?  Because I do.

I told my husband on skype that we really needed to move there.  I even found his happy place:

🙂 See you tomorrow, friends.

The Tower

22 Sep

They don’t allow you to take pictures of the crown jewels, but trust me on this…Oh. My. Word.

They were pretty breathtaking.  You could feed an entire country on the Star of Africa alone.  It’s a 530 carat diamond.  You should look it up.

We toured the Tower of London today and I took A LOT of pictures, partly because we will be covering most of this in history throughout the year and I want Noah to see the real thing.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Where the crown jewels are kept

The history in this place is so rich that it’s hard to absorb everything, and time is limited because there is so much to see and do in such a short period.

After walking the Tower all morning and learning how to ride the Tube (which is different from the train FYI), we decided to do some shopping.  We sort of took a detour (because we were so hungry we couldn’t think straight) and ended up in Soho which was really cool and fun.  Afterwards we walked through Piccadilly and towards St. James Park so we could see Buckingham Palace.  That’s a lot of walking, friends.

St. James Park

At the gate

Buckingham Palace

Tomorrow we head to Bath.  I can’t wait!

See you, then.  🙂

On a another note, I’m blogging over at Hope for Women today if you want to stop by.

Love from across the pond,


Leaving on a Jet Plane

18 Sep

Tomorrow I leave my kiddos and husband at home and board a plane with my aunt, bound for London.  I’m hoping to blog and post pictures as I go.

Does anyone have suggestions on restaurants or tourist-y type places to visit?  We are going to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath one day to have tea (which I’m super excited about).  I packed enough Austen novels to fill an entire carry on.

Hope to see you all soon.  🙂

Love from across the pond,


P.S. Sami, I’m really going to try and get a picture of me “in the map” just for you!  Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to see Fergie! (The real one, not the gal from Black Eyed Peas)